Tiny House Trailer

This is the trailer we had custom made by American Made Products. Then we had it hot dipped galvanized by Miami Galvanizing.

8′ x 20′ Flat Bed Trailer

2 x 6, 11 gauge tube steel for the perimeter and main frame rail

2 x 2, 14 gauge tube steel cross members, 16 inches on center

tandem 5200 pound drop axles (4″ drop)

load range D radial tires

load bearing fenders, spaced at 8′ 6″ to the outside edge

2 inch receiver tube at rear for moped carrier

electric brakes & led lighting

deck height is about 19-20 inches

IMG_20141016_173813 IMG_20141016_173947 IMG_20141016_174002 IMG_20141016_174007 IMG_20141016_174026 IMG_20141016_174224 IMG_20141016_174253 IMG_20141016_180636 IMG_20141016_182754 IMG_20141016_182813 IMG_20141016_182834 IMG_20141103_160510 trailer-drawing


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